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We have the most modern and up-to-date storage and distribution services, allowing us to offer different storage services, small-scale manufacturing, CEDIS, “In House” operations in client warehouses, dedicated or multi-client facilities, Strategic Bonded Warehouse, we definitely adjust to the requirements and needs of our clients, however, the core internal culture of control and management of our services is TPS.

Currently, we offer the following services:

• Apodaca Warehousing Service

• Tijuana Warehousing Service

• Inspection and Sorting in Apodaca

• Inspection and Sorting in Tijuana

• 3PL in Tijuana

• 3PL in Apodaca

Our locations are strategic, designed to offer comprehensive storage and distribution solutions. We adapt to the specific needs of our clients.

• La Silla Warehouse / 6,200 m2

• Apodaca Warehouse / 2,300 m2

• Querétaro Warehouse / 1,000 m2

• Tijuana Corporate, Baja California (MEX)

• San Diego Office, California (USA)

Locations with Commercial Alliances

  • Bodega Frontera USA
  • Carriers

Movement Coverage

  • Borders
  • States
  • Ports

Movement Coverage

Our La Silla warehouse is available for the efficient and safe management of your inventory. It has 6,200 square meters of surface area, shelves to handle up to 22,000 entries per month, 9 loading and unloading docks, as well as a team of 17 direct collaborators and over 45 indirect ones, all to adapt to the unique requirements of our clients.


Lib. Noreste 1020c, Cosmópolis, 66612 Cdad. Apodaca, N.L.

Apodaca Warehouse

A space of 2,300 m² optimized for storage, distribution, and manufacturing operations.


Grand Park Apocada, Carretera Santa Rosa, Libramiento Apodaca, N.L. México

Querétaro Warehouse

They are 1,000 m² ideal for compact or specialized operations, with the quality that characterizes us.


24000 Conjunto Industrial bodega 2 y 3 Santa Rosa Jauregui Qro MX, Carretera 57, 76157 Santiago de Querétaro, S.L.P.

Corporativo Tijuana

Desde donde supervisamos y mantenemos los estándares de calidad en todas nuestras operaciones.


Av. de Todos los Santos 23951-A, Parque Industrial Pacifico III Sección, 22643 Tijuana, B.C. México

Oficina San Diego

Coordinamos y facilitamos las operaciones logísticas, garantizando un servicio de alto rendimiento.


863 Bowsprit Road Chula Vista, CA 91914